About This Project

About this project –  Full house renovation project

We successfully completed a range of upgrades, including a new bathroom with plumbing, electrics, and tiling, as well as the installation of new doors, windows, radiators, and a garden fence. Our skilled team seamlessly integrated modern features into the property while preserving its timeless charm. The bathroom renovation resulted in a stunning space that combines elegance and functionality, offering a peaceful retreat.

With careful attention to detail, we selected and installed new doors and windows that enhance both the property’s aesthetics and energy efficiency. To ensure comfort and style, we added new radiators throughout the house, providing efficient heat distribution and a touch of sophistication to each room. Through expert plastering and painting services, we refreshed the walls, giving the property a fresh and polished look. Lastly, we installed a tasteful garden fence that offers privacy and security while seamlessly blending with the property’s surroundings.