Our Process

Construction and Renovation Services in Brighton and Hove: Our Process
At J.T Pugh, we follow a meticulous process to ensure complete success at each stage of the project:

1. Define the project scope

Before undertaking any kind of home improvement, home refurbishment or construction and renovation job, we gain a clear understanding of the work that must be undertaken. This involves defining the project scope, understanding our client’s underlying goals and any potential challenges and/or obstacles we may encounter along the way.

2. Working within your budget

Once we define the project scope, we’ll work with you to come up with a quote that covers the general costs of the project – for example, labour, materials, permits/permissions, and any other expenses we may incur at the various stages.

3. Professional project planning

Working with professional drawings and permissions, we’ll come up with detailed project plans. This includes timelines, labour, and materials involved. We use specialist in-house software to forecast all aspects of the project, thus, providing complete transparency to our clients from start to finish.

4. Project start

Jeremy, our dedicated Project Manager, will oversee everything from the initial site set-up to the overall progress and collaborate with the various tradespeople and craftsmen, ensuring that the appropriate health & safety measures have been put in place. Your home is your sanctuary, and so, it’s much more than a building. We’ll treat it as such. Jeremy and his team will keep you informed at every stage of the project, so that you’re always in the loop and have complete peace of mind.

5. Project finish and aftercare

After the successful completion of the project, we’ll work out any snags if required, ensuring that you’re happy with every aspect and that everything has been delivered as promised. Once all the relevant paperwork has been completed, including gas and electrical certifications, and forwarded to Building Control for verification, we’ll ask you to sign off your personal note of satisfaction on the agreement. We offer a minimum 12-month aftercare service with every completed project, so whenever you have any questions or concerns, we’ll be at your doorstep to ensure that you are fully satisfied with every aspect.

Questions? Feedback?

If you have any questions about how our process works or wish to leave any feedback in general, please contact us on 01273 777674 or write to us at info@jtpugh.uk.